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Reviews relating to caterers

  • Not authentic by Bette

    (Lets Fress Deli) Firstly chopped liver and pate completely tastless yuk fish balls full of sugar I never use sugar who created that...

  • Cooper's is a delicatessen and they do not serve kosher chicken. by Steven Cohen.

    (Lets Fress Deli) Cooper's is a deli and do not serve kosher chicken. Where is the sign "GLATT KOSHER". It does not exist. How many ultra...

  • Lets Fress Deli buy cook and serve potentially lethal non-kosher chicken. by Stephen Cohen.

    (Lets Fress Deli) FACT Two-thirds of fresh retail chicken in UK could be contaminated with potentially lethal bacteria. (PUBLISHED IN RT.COM) Published time: July 23,...

  • Knaidlach and chopped and fried by Deborah

    (Lets Fress Deli) Let's Fress is a lifeline for me, as I'm bed bound and no longer able to cook. The soups...

  • Great Cicken Soup by Victor Isaacs

    (Lets Fress Deli) Unlike the previous remarks, I do not think the Chicken soup from Cooper's is poor. Every time myself and my...

  • A poor attempt at chicken soup by Adrian garet

    (Lets Fress Deli) A kosher deli must have a signature dish in this case its not the chicken soup weak like water with...

  • What personal service amazing !!!!! by Ian

    (Lets Fress Deli) We have had many products from this deli and have never been disappointed ,and when they deliver it always been...

  • COOPER'S by Coopers123

    (Lets Fress Deli) I Get food from Coopers all the time, and its accurate and has an incredible taste every single time. They...

  • CHICKEN SOUP by A customer

    (Lets Fress Deli) What a pity the chicken soup is overly salty. Why add salt at all? Tell the chef you don't need...

  • We love it by Millie collins

    (Lets Fress Deli) Marc we love you xx we love your food xxxx from ali libs yaz...

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