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Housing Associations

Housing associations and trusts concentrating on social housing.



  • Abbeyfield Worsley Society

    Based in Bridgewater Road, Worsley.
    Tel: 0161-790 8331
    Address: Abbeyfield House, Bridgewater Road, Worsley, Manchester, Lancashire, M28 3JE
  • Abbeyfield Worsley Society

    Based in Mountain Street, Worsley.
    Tel: 0161-790 5669
    Address: Abbeyfield House, Mountain Street, Worsley, Manchester, Lancashire, M28 3RB
  • Anchor Trust

    Based in Birch Lane, Birch Lane.
    Tel: 0161-225 4313
    Address: Birch Court, Birch Lane, Manchester, Lancashire, M13 0WN
  • Anchor Trust

    Based in Daisy Bank Road, Manchester.
    Tel: 0161-224 6813
    Address: Daisy Bank Court, 82 Daisy Bank Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M14 5GF
  • Anchor Trust

    Based in Green Street, Manchester.
    Tel: 0161-224 8699
    Address: Rowan Court, 9 Green Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M14 6TN
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  • Anchor Trust

    Based in Mayes Court, Sheringham Road.
    Tel: 0161-225 5992
    Address: 11 Mayes Court, Sheringham Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M14 6UT
  • Anchor Trust

    Based in Basford Road, Basford Road.
    Tel: 0161-881 2310
    Address: Rixton Court, Basford Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M16 0ET
  • Anchor Trust

    Based in Upper Chorlton Road, Manchester.
    Tel: 0161-226 8256
    Address: 178 Upper Chorlton Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M16 7SF
  • Anchor Trust

    Based in Ayres Road, Ayres Road.
    Tel: 0161-226 4521
    Address: Ayton Court, Ayres Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M16 7WT
  • Anchor Trust

    Based in Withington Road, Manchester.
    Tel: 0161-226 8259
    Address: Trafalgar Court, 201 Withington Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M16 8JW
  • Anchor Trust

    Based in Moseley Road, Levenshulme.
    Tel: 0161-224 8974
    Address: Moseley Court, 263 Moseley Road, Levenshulme, Manchester, Lancashire, M19 2LJ
  • Anchor Trust

    Based in Barlow Moor Road, Manchester.
    Tel: 0161-434 7560
    Address: Broomfield Court, 121 Barlow Moor Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M20 2TS
  • Anchor Trust

    Based in Barlow Moor Road, Barlow Moor Road.
    Tel: 0161-881 4046
    Address: Holland Court, Barlow Moor Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M21 8BF
  • Anchor Trust

    Based in Oakhouse Drive, Manchester.
    Tel: 0161-860 4155
    Address: Arden Court, 1 Oakhouse Drive, Manchester, Lancashire, M21 8EW
  • Anchor Trust

    Based in Gladeside Road, Gladeside Road.
    Tel: 0161-998 5786
    Address: Gladeside Court, Gladeside Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M22 9GA
  • Anchor Trust

    Based in Hall Lane, Manchester.
    Tel: 0161-945 3891
    Address: Westfields, 212 Hall Lane, Manchester, Lancashire, M23 1LP
  • Anchor Trust

    Based in Wensleydale Close, Manchester.
    Tel: 0161-498 8903
    Address: The Grange, 10 Wensleydale Close, Manchester, Lancashire, M23 2EF
  • Anchor Trust

    Based in Pembroke Court, Swinton.
    Tel: 0161-794 6390
    Address: Pembroke Court, Swinton, Manchester, Lancashire, M27 4DY
  • Anchor Trust

    Based in Lacy Street, Stretford.
    Tel: 0161-864 2311
    Address: Butler Court, Lacy Street, Stretford, Manchester, Lancashire, M32 8LR
  • Anchor Trust

    Based in Albert Street West, Failsworth.
    Tel: 0161-682 2889
    Address: Earls Lodge, Albert Street West, Failsworth, Manchester, Lancashire, M35 0JB
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