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New to Manchester? Read on... With nearly two and a half million people in the Greater Manchester area, the city of Manchester lies at the heart of a massive urban sprawl.

Generally regarded as the starting point for the Industrial Revolution, the city grew to become the jewel of the industrial north-west during the 18th century with cotton being the chief contributer to the city's coffers. These days the city generates much of its income through the service, manufacturing and financial sectors and has shed much of its industrial past.

The city has a long sporting heritage to be proud of with the world's biggest team - Manchester United - based at Old Trafford, and local rivals Manchester City at the City of Manchester stadium fighting it out for Premiership supremacy.

2002 was an historic year for Manchester - the city hosted the Commonwealth Games at the Manchester City ground. The games were heralded as a great success. You can read more about Manchester in the About Manchester section.

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