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Charity Shops

Charity shops, second hand clothing and furniture.



  • Age UK

    Based in Ashton Old Road, Manchester.
    Tel: 0161-371 7300
    Address: 1323 Ashton Old Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M11 1JT
  • Age UK

    Based in Gorton District Centre, Gorton District Centre.
    Tel: 0161-223 1362
    Address: Unit 14, Gorton District Centre, Manchester, Lancashire, M18 8LB
  • Age UK

    Based in Copson Street, Manchester.
    Tel: 0161-434 9853
    Address: 2 Copson Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M20 3HE
  • Age UK

    Based in Wilbraham Road, Manchester.
    Tel: 0161-862 9430
    Address: 428 Wilbraham Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M21 0AS
  • Age UK

    Based in The Birtles, Wythenshawe.
    Tel: 0161-437 1937
    Address: 10 The Birtles, Civic Centre, Wythenshawe, Manchester, Lancashire, M22 5RF
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  • Age UK

    Based in High Street, Worsley.
    Tel: 0161-790 7950
    Address: Unit 5/Old Co-op Buildings, High Street, Worsley, Manchester, Lancashire, M28 3JH
  • Age UK

    Based in Failsworth Precinct, Failsworth.
    Tel: 0161-683 4074
    Address: 3 Failsworth Precinct, Failsworth, Manchester, Lancashire, M35 0EJ
  • Age UK

    Based in Moston Lane, Manchester.
    Tel: 0161-682 4252
    Address: 350 Moston Lane, Manchester, Lancashire, M40 9JS
  • Age UK

    Based in Copson Street, Manchester.
    Tel: 0161-434 8685
    Address: 26 Copson Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M20 3HB
  • Age UK

    Based in Wilmslow Road, Manchester.
    Tel: 0161-445 5097
    Address: 675 Wilmslow Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M20 6RA
  • Age UK

    Based in Barlow Moor Road, Manchester.
    Tel: 0161-882 0356
    Address: 416 Barlow Moor Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M21 8AD
  • Age UK

    Based in Church Street, Eccles.
    Tel: 0161-789 0919
    Address: 25 Church Street, Eccles, Manchester, Lancashire, M30 0BJ
  • Albert Kennedy Trust

    Based in Oldham Street, Manchester.
    Tel: 0161-228 3308
    Address: 52 Oldham Street, Manchester, Lancashire, M4 1LE
  • All Aboard Shops

    Based in Longfield Centre, Prestwich.
    Tel: 0161-798 9828
    Address: 10 Longfield Centre, Prestwich, Manchester, Lancashire, M25 1AY
  • All Aboard Shops

    Based in Station Road, Urmston.
    Tel: 0161-749 8288
    Address: A, 4 Station Road, Urmston, Manchester, Lancashire, M41 9JN
  • All Aboard Shops

    Based in Bury Old Road, Bury Old Road.
    Tel: 0161 492 0422
    Address: 3 St Margarets Building, Bury Old Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M8 5BW
  • Animals In Distress

    Based in Rippingham Road, Manchester.
    Tel: 0161-434 4276
    Address: Rippingham Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M20 3FX
  • Barnardo's

    Based in Fallowfield Retail Park, Birchfields Road.
    Tel: 0161 225 9216
    Address: Unit G, Fallowfield Retail Park, Birchfields Road, Manchester, Lancashire, M14 6FS
  • Barnardos

    Based in Swinton Shopping Centre, Swinton Shopping Centre.
    Tel: 0161 793 5469
    Address: 99-101 The Parade, Swinton Shopping Centre, Manchester, Lancashire, M27 4BD
  • British Heart Foundation

    Based in Salford Shopping Centre, Salford Shopping Centre, Salford.
    Tel: 0161 736 3679
    Address: 37 Hankinson Way, Salford Shopping Centre, Salford, Lancashire, M6 5JA
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